Communal separate men's/ladies' showers for all $675/month rooms. Men's shower is located on the east side and ladies' shower is located on the west side of building. Both are kept clean daily. You need to provide your own towel and personal shower things.



Huge Commercial Kitchen with storage cabinets for all tenants to store all their cooking things. Two full sized refrigerators (not shown) are for all to use as well as a microwave, toaster and 2 rice cookers. Cooking pots and frying pans along with utensils and plates are available for all to use. It's strongly recommended that you supply your own cooking utensils, plates, glasses, utensils etc. You can lock-up your individual storage cabinet to keep your things secure and safe from others. Tenants are expected to clean their cooking messes up after using. Anyone who habitually refuses to clean up after themselves will be bared from using the kitchen in the future.