Want to rent a room?




Step 1) Call Angie (Manager) for room availability 



Step 2) If a room is available, fill out the application for credit and eviction check. The credit and eviction check normally costs $25. Academy House will pay $10, so you only have to pay $15. Credit and eviction checks will be waived for international applicants residing outside of the U.S. 

Step 3) Once approved (approval takes 10 minutes or less) pay $400 holding deposit to be paid by cash, money order, or PayPal. Payments from international applicants are accepted only by PayPal for the initial payment. Holding deposit will be applied to your security deposit when you pay your 1st month rent. 

Step 4) Pay a full 30 days rent on or before the day you move in. 
Accepted payment methods:




Money Order



International applicants must pay by PayPal for the initial deposit and rent. 


(3% fee is charged for PayPal payments)



$735 ROOM + 3% FEE

$845 ROOM + 3% FEE

$805 ROOM + 3% FEE

$880 ROOM + 3% FEE

$990 ROOM + 3% FEE

$1,010 ROOM + 3% FEE

$1030 ROOM + 3% FEE

$200 DEPOSIT (1/2 of deposit) + 3% FEE

$400 DEPOSIT + 3% FEE


If you have problems depositing money,

please call PayPal 888-221-1161 




1st Month - Pay full 30 days rent (cash, money order, PayPal) plus $400 (security deposit)

2nd Month - If you moved in the middle of the month then we will only charge you from the day you moved in until the end of the month on a prorated basis

All remaining months - Pay full 30 days rent by check, cash, money order, or PayPal. After the 3rd of the month a late fee of 6% of your rent will be added. 

Security deposit will be fully refunded if you:

        1) Give us 30 days written notice

        2) Leave room in the same condition as at time of move-in