MOVE-IN POLICY: 1st Month's Rent & Security Deposit to be paid in Cash, Money Order, Cashiers Check or PAYPAL. NO EXCEPTIONS.
(Due to the high number of returned checks from 1st time renters)


HOLDING DEPOSITS: Your holding deposit will normally be transferred/credited towards your security deposit at the time you pay your first months rent. The holding deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind and decide not to live at Academy House. So please don't give us a holding deposit unless you are SURE you want to live here and can move in on the agreed date.


SECURITY DEPOSITS: Are refunded IF you do the following:

1) Give us 30 days written notice ON THE 1ST OF THE MONTH (we will accept your notice up to the 5th of the month) that you are leaving.

2) You pay the following months rent IN FULL.

3) You must leave the room in the SAME CONDITION that you received it in. Because of the amount of use, relatively small space, and to ensure that our carpets are fresh and last a long time, we professionally deep clean the carpet prior to move-in. You have the option to hire someone to do the same or we will charge you. Please make a notation on your contract if there are existing stains/damage to the carpet prior to move-in so as to protect yourself later from being charged for something you didn't do.

QUIET PLEASE! Academy House tenants are asked to keep the noise down to a minimum. From 10pm to 8am TV / Radio levels should be kept low enough so as to not disturb others. Headphones are highly recommended.

CLEANLINESS: Please keep your space clean. Food left on the floor encourages bugs/ants. Unusually dirty tenants (i.e. carpet damage) will be asked to clean-up and/or give extra deposit.



No space heaters

No electric blankets

No window A/C units

This is due to high fire danger from electrical shorts and high electric costs

No excessive storage or clutter in rooms due to fire safety codes and the ability to freely exit the room in an emergency


Can you have Overnight Guests? Talk to ANGIE(manager).

There is a $15/day charge. Non-paying overnight visitors (AFTER MIDNIGHT)will be asked to leave immediately. If we discover that you had a visitor without paying us beforehand your monthly rental will NOT be renewed and you will be asked to leave. Visitors can stay a MAX. 10days/month. More than 10days and they will be considered a tenant (see below).

For those rooms allowing 2 people and we find that you are trying to "sneek in" your friend you will be given the option to pay an extra $150/month or you and your friend will be asked to leave.

For monthly rooms that are furnished with beds, tenants must bring their own sheets, blankets and pillows. Only the bed and mattress will be provided.